Arong Qi fork to effective the Seoul will soon start the construction of rural highway

Sources:Hulun Buir City Time:2014-11-12 Browse:4430

    Arong Qi fork - effective the ER three highway, passing through Kulun Valley Forest Farm, forest, aleague sub shop three, forest, the forest, the leading effective Er village, the end connected with theYa Dong to the Chabaqi cement road, highway 150.38 kilometers in length, roadbed width of 7.5meters, 6 meters wide Road, cement concrete pavement. The project total investment 176200000yuan, of which country to invest 59120000 yuan.

    The project is the construction and supervision units are approach. Plan in May 1st to start the construction, completed and open to traffic in October 15th.

    The fork - effective the ER highway is history of highway construction in Arong Qi on the construction of the longest mileage, the biggest investment of highway project, is also the Arong Qi flag ten Huimin practical one. In order to ensure the project on schedule to start construction, Arong Qi Committee and government in the national investment project funds have not yet in place, the local finance fundsdifficult circumstances, after various efforts, self raised funds 45000000 yuan, effectively ensure thesmooth implementation of projects.

    The road is completed, will greatly improve the Arong Qi road traffic conditions, shorten the distance between urban and rural areas along the highway, convenient mass production and life, has very important significance for the development of local economy and opening to the outside world, the development of forestry ecotourism resources and fire relief, is a truly reflects the scientific concept of development of the important thoughts Fumin road.

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